Post Module 2

Post Module 2

Post Module 2 has been designed for Visual Composer. It allow you to display
posts creating amazing layouts.

[fav-module-2 category_id=”7″ category_ids=”” tag_slug=”” sort=”” autors_id=”” featured_posts=”” hide_title=”hide_title” posts_limit=”4″ offset=”” header_color=”” header_text_color=”” header_border_color=”” custom_title=”” custom_url=”” title_style=”” show_child_cat=”” excerpt_limit=”150″ read_more=”1″]

Post Module 2 Without Sidebar

All Post Modules fits perfectly into any page layout, with sidebar or without.

[fav-module-2 hide_title=”hide_title” posts_limit=”4″ excerpt_limit=”150″ read_more=”1″]

Module Options Available

Keep full control on your posts. Magazilla modules comes with a lot of options
so you can customize your website based on your needs.

Category filter

  • All categories
  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 3

Multiple categories filter:
To filter multiple categories, enter here the category IDs separated by commas (example: 4,21,15)

Filter by tag slug:
To filter multiple tag slug, enter here the tag slugs separated by commas (example: tag1,tag2,tag3)

Sort order:

  • Latest
  • Random posts Today
  • Random posts from last 7 Day
  • Alphabetical A -> Z
  • Popular (all time)
  • Highest rated (reviews)
  • Random Posts
  • Most Commented

Autors Filter:

  • No author filter
  • David Morgan
  • Jeremy Ryan
  • Amy Miller
  • Cynthia Turner

Featured Posts:
You can make a post featured by clicking featured post checkbox while add/edit post

  • Any
  • Include
  • Exclude

Hide block title:

  • Show title
  • Hide title

Limit post number:
Choose how many post you want to show

Offset posts:
Number of most recent posts to ignore

Header color:
Choose a custom header color for this block

Header text color:
Choose a custom header color for this block

Header text top border color:
Choose a custom color for block title border top

Optional – custom title for this block:
Choose a custom title for this module

Optional – custom url for this block (when the module title is clicked):
Choose a custom url for module title

Title style:

  • Default style

Excerpt Limit:
How much characters want to show as excerpt: default 150

Hide Continue Reading:

  • Show
  • Hide